Blog: No Blind Eyes, Only Deaf Ears

Can you hear us, Earthling?

The Mobile phone is my arch enemy. Without Hearing Aids I struggle to hear callers. With the Aids in…I STILL struggle to hear callers.

Is this how Superman feels with his super-hearing? Yes he can hear a small boy fall into a duck pond on the far side of Metropolis, but how about when Lois rings him on his Samsung Galaxy?

‘Hello? What? Are you on speaker phone? Well put the damn thing to your mouth so I can hear you!’

Maybe it’s just me but mobile phones are Kryptonite to my ears and I’m just glad some bright spark invented the medium of text. My husband can’t understand it. ‘Why send ten texts back and forth when one phone call would sort it in minutes?’

‘Good idea, Clark, lend me your ears and I’ll do it!’

The unfairness of it all is driving me mad. I can hear drills whirring, hammers banging and a whole host of weird sounds I haven’t even worked out yet. For all I know I’m picking up Scotty fiddling in the engine room of the USS Enterprise.

Beam me up, Scotty! Oh, and fix these Hearing Aids while you’re at it!