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Image courtesy of Cortega9’s weekly suggestions for the best health, wealth, love blogs. 


Eat Like a Girl

eat like a girl

Whilst Eat Like a Girl might be written by a London resident it is not London-centric.  Niamh Shields, the lady behind the blog, may visit many of the culinary delights of England’s capital city but she also delights with delectable dishes from all around the world.

She shares vegetarian, vegan, wheat free recipes as well as chocolate, cake and rich meat dishes. With winter around the corner, and the storm of St.Jude battering us at we are particularly interested in Niamh’s Winter Warmer posts and her latest recipe for Chicken Soup, that age old cure for the common cold.


I Pick Up Pennies

i pick up pennies Just voted the People’s Choice at the Plutus Awards for Finance Blogs, this is a blog not to be missed. This is one of the most down to earth and functional everyday finance blogs on the web. It gives you tips in making your money go further that aren’t centred around huge investments, stocks or shares. And unlike other frugal or sustainable living blogs I Pick Up Pennies embraces our human frailty and flaws.

The person behind the blog is chronically ill and as such her understands the limitations of life. As she writes herself: “this blog is about accepting the fact that you’re human. Every day we make mistakes or take shortcuts due to overcommitment, stress, health issues, or simple exhaustion. That’s not a flaw or personal failing. It’s normal. It’s human.”


Paulo Coelho

paulo coelhoAuthor Paulo Coelho has taught many people around the world about love. His books have covered every aspect of love from passionate romance, to spiritual love. Now he regularly posts blogs sharing his lyrical words of wisdom.

His latest blog post, Were it not for this, is the perfect example of Paulo’s poetry. The opening line: “There is always someone in the world waiting for someone else, whether in the middle of the desert or in the heart of some big city,” is typical of Paulo’s believe in love and the inspiration he shares to millions of readers around the world.