What Has Got Us All a Twitter.

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Every week we will bring you our suggestions for the Twitter profiles you should be following for your health, wealth and love needs.


Mayo Clinic @MayoClinic


The medical clinic, research institute and one of the leading hospitals who better to follow on Twitter for medical advice.

This week we particularly appreciated their Tweets on preventing bloating, their mass of tweets on Breast Cancer and they even got behind World Arthritis Day.

Forget an apple a day, the Mayo Clinic twitter feed is the best way to keep the doctor at bay.


Every Investor @EveryInvestor

everyinvestor Daily news and tips on how to invest. This week Every Investor has been focusing on emerging markets encouraging people to invest in the developing world.

In the last seven days they have shared tips on tax credits, retirement plans, investments, ethical investments, help to buy, mortgages, and next week they are launching Investment Trust week.

It is definitely the Twitter profile to follow if you have any form of investment or interest in the market.


Ben Cohen @RugbyBenCohen

ben cohenWhat isn’t there to love up the former England International rugby player, Dad and anti-bullying campaigner? He helped England win the Rugby World Cup, he is an all round nice guy, a devoted family man and he is now flexing his muscles and swivelling his hips in Strictly Come Dancing.

Added to this Ben has a 50 per cent hearing loss which just adds to his appeal. HealthWealthLove.com is all about overcoming obstacles and what is more of an obstacles when trying to dance in a show that rates timing, musicality and rhyme than being partially deaf?


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