Men Go Online Women Go on Foot

Image by Sammyday, Wikimedia Commons

Recent research has found yet more differences between male and female habits.  Independent research body, OnePoll, has surveyed the shopping habits of adults and found some stark differences between the sexes.

“Men really are a different breed of creature to women,” a spokeswomen for Gift Card & Voucher Week, who commissioned the survey, said.

The High Street

Women have been found to prefer high street shopping whilst men prefer online shopping.

Men visit the high street on average three times a year. Women, however, happily visit the high street fortnightly for shopping and browsing. Women browse at least seven clothes shops, and revisit at least two of those shops on the same trip. Men however are more targeted in their approach to high street shopping. They will browse only three clothes shops in one trip, and spend one and half hours shopping as opposed to the female average of three and half hours.

Hey big spender

Men spend more but buy less than women when shopping.

The survey found men spend on average £180 on a shopping trip but buy a maximum of five items. Whereas women will spend £96.43 and buy a minimum of seven items. Of course as men visit the high street far less often than women the annual spend for women is greater. Women will spend a whopping £2,314.32 on high street shopping trips across the course of one year, compared to spends of just £540.00 for men.

Women do however like a bargain. The survey found that a main component in a woman’s idyllic shopping trip is discovering a sale or bagging a bargain.

Men take a more smash and grab approach to shopping before heading to the pub for a post-purchase pint.

Go it alone

Both men and women prefer to shop alone. However women like to have their friends weigh in on purchasing decisions, so will ring friends for advice or opinions before making a purchase. Women will phone at least two friends to discuss their shopping. They also will discuss and talk to at least three retail assistants during a shopping spree.

Men will also talk to shop assistants, but they are far less include to procrastinate, seek advice or discuss shopping with friends. They rarely try on any of their purchases before buying, and take a more smash and grab approach to shopping before heading to the pub for a post-purchase pint.

Christmas shopping

With Christmas coming, deciding what type of gifts to give is always tricky. This new research by OnePoll helps to make the decision for you.

Despite the myth that vouchers lack sentiment, women would prefer vouchers to presents. The research found that women love to receive gift vouchers, store credit, or clothes money. To have a large sum of money to spend on the high street is shopping heaven for women. In fact, eight out of ten women would prefer a gift voucher than someone choosing a gift for them.

Men, on the other hand, dislike visiting the high street so vouchers or gift cards that require them to do this would be an unwelcome gift.  A better option is to give them online credit, so iTunes or Amazon vouchers would be safe bet. Equally buying them a gift that saves them a trip to the high street would also be a good idea.

As men gravitate towards gadget and technology these would be a safe bet if you are wondering what to buy a man at Christmas. As women like to buy clothes, shoes and homeware these are good Christmas gifts for women.