BLOG: No Blind Eyes, Only Deaf Ears

Switch on Tune in and…get annoyed!

‘Be careful what you wish for,’ should be the tagline for Hearing Aids. Has my hearing improved? Well, I suppose so. Can I hear more? You bet. But can I join in conversations now? No I can not!

Noises follow me where ever I go. Pegging out the washing has turned into a rhythm-less castanets recital. Talking to my neighbour over the fence is just impossible thanks to the wind in the trees sounding like 100 crisp packets rustling at once.

I admit, finally hearing the birds singing is rather lovely. But the constant ‘ping’ of a toenail tapping against a bowl while watching ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ is bloody annoying!

I was warned about this. When the Hearing Specialist gave me my second pair of Hearing Aids (the first ones were obviously faulty even though I tried them for a whole day!) she warned me I had to persevere with them. My brain would rebel against the interference and I would believe I was better off without them.

Well she was right. I feel like I’m walking around with Baked Bean tins on my ears and the only thing that has amplified is background noise. Because, lets face it, what is the point of hearing the Velcro like sound my bare feet make on carpets? These new ‘extra’ noises are louder than people’s voices so, how is this helping me?

It’s been a week, the Hearing Aids don’t work! Take them out! Throw them back in the drawer and let my ears run naked and free! Or…maybe at 39 I should stop being a baby and keep trying…