Stoptober- Day Two

October is Stoptober in the UK, the NHS’s stop smoking campaign. Which sees people encouraged to go smoke free for 28 days. Last year 160,000 people completed the challenge. This year has already seen 202,845 people sign up. To support everyone who is taking part in Stoptober and anyone else who may wish to quit smoking will be posting a Stoptober post every day of the challenge. 

Day Two- Ciao Carbon Monoxide

If you have made it to day 2 then you have eliminated all the harmful carbon monoxide in your body. Your lungs would have started to clear our the mucus and other smoking debris that has built up with every cigarette. But if you are desperate for a cigarette this may not be much comfort to you. So below we have  listed a few reasons why you should be pleased to be carbon monoxide free:

1. A non-smoker usually has a Carbon Monoxide (CO) level of 0 to 8 parts per million, depending on environment, lifestyle, air quality. If you have managed to stop smoking for two days your CO level should be this too. Before it would have been 20 parts per million for a-pack-a-day habit, or 40 parts per million for a two-pack-a-day habit. 

2. CO blocks the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to body cells. By smoking you are starving your body of oxygen which is vital to your body. Every cell and every tissue in every body needs oxygen. The brain, heart and kidneys are particularly effected by a lack of oxygen. All of which are pretty vital to your survival.

You should be feeling a higher level of focus, energy, and be less prone to headaches.

3. Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide exposure may mimic influenza and include fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, mental confusion, and rapid heart rate. So by reaching day two of Stoptober and eliminating carbon monoxide from your body you should be feeling a higher level of focus, energy, and be less prone to headaches.

4. Breathing in second hand smoke can also increase a persons levels of CO so your loved ones may be experiencing the health benefits of your Stoptober challenge by now as well.


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