A Vegan Venture

Image is from GoVegan 

More than 800 people in the UK are taking part in the Great Vegan Challenge organised by the charity Animal Aid. The Great Vegan Challenge is just one of many campaigns and pledges marking World Vegan Month. Throughout November people all around the global, are opting to live  a 100 per cent plant-based diet for 30 days.

What is Veganism?

It is quite simple if it comes from an animal a Vegan will not eat it. So that means eggs, dairy, honey, goats milk etc are all out. The basic principle behind Veganism is that animals are not ours to use.

Veganism has become increasingly popular in recent years, with celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Woody Harrelson adopting plant-based diets.

The charity Animal Aid says that the appeal of Veganism is not just about the numerous health benefits that come from a diet rich in fruit and vegetables but also ethical objections to animal cruelty and misuse.

Where I can find out more?

The GoVegan website is a great source for anybody thinking of taking up the 30 day challenge, or even for those who just want to make their diet more plant-based. If you sign up to the challenge on the website you could be in with a shot of winning a hamper full of Vegan goodies. Click here to visit the GoVegan website.

There are helpful tips, recipes and motivating blogs to follow. As well as an Agony Aunt web feature and hotline where nutritional advice is available. HealthWealthLove’s favourite blog post was the one about Vegan junk food, which proved that going plant-based is not all rabbit food. The post lists some of the vegan friendly biscuits, crisps and even doughnuts found in your everyday supermarket. You have to love a blog that accepts the odd indulgence every now and again.

What the supporters say:

Ben Martin, Campaigner at Animal Aid:

‘This is the second year we have run the Great Vegan Challenge and the response has been amazing with people from all ends of the UK signing up to go vegan for November. Some find the prospect of adopting a plant-based diet a bit daunting and think that it will mean giving up some of their favourite foods. But the truth is that we don’t need animal products to have a healthy diet and you can find a vegan substitute for just about anything these days.”